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Liquid Level Indicator

When Tote Solutions Inc. needed a solution for level measurements in their food grade storage totes they came to Integratech. The client requested the development of a liquid-level indicator for their solid-wall containers that would function without modification to the container itself. The indicator needed to be low-profile, weatherproof, highly durable, FDA-compliant and have a low manufacturing cost.


Initially Integratech explored a range of mechanical and electronic solutions for this project, from magnetic sensing technology to liquid metals.  In the end Integratech provided a simple measuring devise: pressure sensitive switches coupled with an Integratech developed patented LED circuitry on a hi-tech PCB.

Integratech’s network of engineers and sourcing partners were key to achieving the required specifications and overall success of the product. The liquid-level indicator was developed within the development budget and the required per unit manufacturing cost. Best of all, this thin, flexible indicator can be rolled up for efficient packaging and greatly reduced shipping costs, in line with Tote Solutions’ value for innovative, efficient packaging.



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